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Tomato Seedling Titration Trial

The above photo is of an AZOMITE® titration study completed in the AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. offices. Three tomato seeds were planted in each pot on May 3rd and the best looking plant germinating in each pot was kept for the trial. The potting medium was topsoil, sand and vermiculite in equal volumes of each. The pots were placed in random order under grow lights. A few weeks after the start of the study, the pots had to be arranged in the same order as the amount of AZOMITE® added; because, the grow lights had to be suspended at an angle to provide light to all the plants from a similar distance.

Note the angle of the grow lights suspended over the plants in the picture.

This photo was taken on June 28th. The tomato plants were raised in the air conditioned office environment so there was no possibility of the plants getting warm enough to set fruit. The trial was, therefore, terminated on August 15th.

At the initial measurement the approximate average height of the plants were:

At the final measurement, the plants ranged from 13-14" for the controls to 34-38" for the heaviest AZOMITE®