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Wheat Test, Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania research farm tested their standard wheat fertilizer program* against a program including 150 lb/acre of granular AZOMITE®. The AZOMITE® protocol was broadcast on the plots of April, much later than the ideal application time of the previous October, in an effort to determine whether AZOMITE® could produce a response so late in the season. There were three replications of the two treatments, in large plot field tests, on this working production farm. Yields were collected and weighed and the grain was tested for nutrient and protein content. Click image for test result graph » 

Test Plots
A: Standard Fertilizer* plus 150 lbs AZOMITE® / per acre
B: Standard Fertilizer
**The Standard Fertilizer program consisted of 5 gals. 28% N (broadcast) with herbicide early spring and an additional 20 gals of 28% N stream bar (broadcast) applied when the wheat was about 12” tall. 
*As of 12/30/2016 wheat was priced at $4.76/bu.

Benefits at a Glance:
Improved Crop Quality:  Samples showed AZOMITE® increased the crude protein in the wheat by 0.8% and also increased the P, K, Mg, Mn, Cu, and Zn levels in the harvested grain.
Increased income /acre = The 150lb/ac rate of AZOMITE® increased income/acre by $26.66.
Additional Yield: The 150 lb/acre rate of AZOMITE® increased yield by 7.2%.