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That Garden Guy Radio Show | Micronutrients and AZOMITE®

Gardening expert Lee Ganim of Ganim's Garden Center spotlights the importance of micronutrients and AZOMITE® as well as other timely cold weather garden tips on Bridgeport's WICC-600 AM. Listen »

The Eco-Gardener: Learning from Compost

Veteran Eco-Gardener Stephen Scott of Underwood Gardens shares how we can learn from compost from around the globe; from the cold winters of France to Russia's dacha gardening. He weighs in on incorporating milk and molasses, char and trace minerals - including AZOMITE®. Article on warm fusion compost by by Micheal Sunanda. Read more »

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AZOMITE Minerals is honored as Nephi Business of the Month.Nephi, Utah

Wes Emerson, President of AZOMITE Mineral Products Inc., cuts the ribbon at the new miconizing facility. Nephi, Utah

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