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Soil Orders

Please select your state from the dropdown menu or map and contact the dealer representative nearest you. For in-depth details regarding AZOMITE® soil products, click here to reach our  

Feed Orders

The Feed Industry is serviced directly by AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.
Tel 435-623-8007 Fax 423-623-8009
1-877-AZO-MITE (877-296-6483)

Commercial and Retail Availability

AZOMITE® is packaged for large commercial delivery as well as for smaller wholesale and retail availability. Please contact a dealer for smaller quantities or retail enquiries in your region. Please contact a distributor for large or commercial quantities, truckloads or railcar delivery within the USA. For international orders, please contact the distributor that represents your region of commerce, outside the USA.

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Single Bag Orders

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